What I Believe

  • The Internet had the potential to support more informed, better decisions that can change society and the world – hopefully for the better!
  • I have benefited from access to technology, and I have an obligation to help improve access to technology for others.
  • Consultants need planning, project management, writing, communication and marketing skills as well as technical skills.
  • Integrity, character and basic business skills are as essential to technology companies as they are to traditional companies.
  • There are more important goals than making money.

Our success is grounded in ethical practices that are in sync with our beliefs.

O3 byline: on time, on target, on principle

On Time & Budget

We’ve provided fixed pricing for well-defined projects to help clients plan their budget and know exactly how much their project will cost. We did that by paying attention to  discovery of client needs and goals, years of experience combined with a careful estimation process. We used open source software plus good coding practices for  efficient use of time. A predictable process and consistent use of project management software kept everyone on track so projects are quickly completed.

On Target

By focusing on the unique aspects of your organization to help clients make good decisions and meet their goals.

On Principle

I believe in doing well by doing good. Putting business and technical experience together with a supportive process provides value, whether to clients or to community work.

Giving Back: Non-Profit & Association Work

I believe in giving back to our community, and I support the following organizations. Please visit their websites and consider joining them, sending them a donation or volunteering.

I’ve served on boards of local organizations, including Inner City Older Neighborhoods (ICON), the MacArthur Boulevard Association (MBA), and the Iles Park Neighborhood Association. I’ve held various leadership roles for my church, including two years as Board President. I consult with and maintain websites for a small number of non-profit community organizations that fit my ongoing interests. I believe I have a responsibility to give back to the community that supports me and to use my skills to help make the world a better place.