Pillsbury Website Helps Local Nonprofit & Neighborhoods



Moving Pillsbury Forward  is a local community organization whose mission is to revitalize the local neighborhood, which has been blighted by an abandoned brownfield project, the former Pillsbury Plant. O3 Internet regularly supports our community and neighborhoods, and we offered to give new life to their previously shuttered website, “The Pillsbury Project”.

Moving Pillsbury Forward’s new website documents the past success of the Pillsbury plant and its positive influence on the neighborhood with historic photos, stories, news, and links to additional resources. The site reviews the complicated legal history of the former plant, the organization’s current efforts to redevelop the dilapidated and dangerous site, and how members of the greater Springfield, Illinois community can get involved to support the work of giving this neighborhood a safer and healthier environment.

Usable & Engaging Design

The website uses the latest WordPress content management system theme and plugins to help engage the public with an easy-to-use layout. This includes friendly colors compliment the sepia-toned images of the plant’s history, a clean uncluttered layout and design, many pictures of the plant —both in its heyday and in its current state of disrepair— and interactive elements like image sliders, galleries, maps, and forms to engage website visitors. The site is fully mobile responsive, allowing Moving Pillsbury Forward to reach a far greater audience than their previous, simple desktop-only website. It also uses the latest WordPress block editing technology, which provides easy editing plus a wide variety of functionality and layout options.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Getting your site content up and launched is only half the project: the other half is getting people to your website in the first place. We provided full Search Engine Optimization services (SEO) to ensure that people who are interested in urban redevelopment, the Springfield community, and asbestos legal issues, etc. will find the website on relevant searches. Every page and post is fully optimized for search engines.


Accessibility is important to O3 Internet, and we develop websites with the best accessibility practices, including: good color contrast to keep text legible; clean typography; and hierarchical heading structure. All images have descriptive alternative text (“alt-text”), keeping the website open to people who assistive technology such as screen-readers. The homepage slider and image galleries have text overlays. The website can be tabbed through sequentially, an important accessibility feature.

O3 Internet is proud to support “The Pillsbury Project” to help Moving Pillsbury Forward advocate for a better and safer community!