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MONSID, which stands for “Model-Based Off-Nominal State Identification and Detection”, is “software that provides health assessment of system hardware. The software is comprised of a lightweight engine and a user-supplied physics-based model of the physical system that it monitors for off-nominal behavior.”

O3 has also designed websites for Okean Solutions’ partners including the catamaran charter company Okean Voyaging and the Aptillon software development group.

The website is as unique as its software product.

The goal of marketing MONSID is:

  • to extend the understanding of model-based fault management,
  • to promote possible partnerships using MONSID software in commercial projects, and
  • to support the use of MONSID in possible future missions for agencies such as NASA.

Unlike the majority of our sites, MONSID is built using the Svelte UI framework with Tailwind, an open source CSS framework, and DevOps for project management and source control. (The previous website was built on Wix. )

O3 helped to organize and implement the move to Svelte, consulted on content development and marketing, and provided TABA (Technical And Business Assistance) for a Phase I and a Phase II SBIR project.

We added a new section for Projects and Applications to highlight usages of MONSID, with details about the SBIR projects that helped to fund the development of the software.

Other additions included:

  • a Resources page with links to online papers and videos;
  • an expanded News section, with updates on MONSID release notes and other company news; and
  • an in-depth About section, featuring the owners along with their business partners, including O3 Internet Consulting.

Since the site was launched in November 2022, we’ve extended it with Tailwind components to simplify regular content updates.