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MONSID™ (Model-Based Off-Nominal State Identification and Detection) is a model-based fault detection and isolation software package that provides a clear, continuous confirmation of health status under nominal and anomalous conditions. MONSID can be used across different project phases from system development to hardware integration to real-time, on-board analysis for a wide variety of cyber-physical systems.

MONSID Marketing Goals

Our goals in marketing MONSID were to extend the understanding of model-based fault management, to promote possible partnerships using MONSID software in commercial projects, and to support the use of MONSID in possible future missions for agencies such as NASA, Space Force, and Navy.

2022 Redesign was redesigned using the Svelte UI framework with Tailwind, an open-source CSS framework, DevOps for project management, and git for version control, providing a more secure and flexible infrastructure than the previous Wix website. O3 provided project management, consulting, content development and marketing as part of a TABA (Technical And Business Assistance) for a Phase I and a Phase II SBIR project.

We added a new Projects and Applications section to highlight MONSID, with details about the SBIR projects that helped to fund the development of the software; created a Resources page with links to online papers and videos; expanded the News section, with updates on MONSID release notes and other company news; and added an in-depth About section, featuring the owners along with their business partners, including O3 Consulting.

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2023 – Separate Websites

During the second year of the TABA project, the product-focused website was reorganized as part of the creation of a company-specific website for Okean Solutions, Inc, with both sites launched in February, 2024.
Read about work common to both sites and details specific to the Okean.Solutions website project…

Reorganization and Redesign was redesigned with updated colors and a new logo. On the homepage, new images highlight MONSID benefits, using modal dialog box functionality to display additional keyword-rich text and a larger image. MONSID Products are displayed with links to Benefits, Products, and the Okean.Solutions website. On the Products page, an introductory paragraph was added and content was synchronized with the new Buy page. The Benefits page now has four images to illustrate MONSID benefits, also using the modal dialog. In the Projects section, a new Technology Development section with thumbnail images was added, with some MONSID-specific content moved here from other pages. One project was moved to the Solutions website. links were posted on relevant Projects pages. The top of the Resources page was redesigned with thumbnails for the MONSID Technical Briefing and the MONSID Brochure, providing more information on the value of each, and an updated layout that adds visual interest to the page. Links to Solutions’ Capability Statement and Okean.Solutions/News provide easy access to content that moved there. Articles were sorted into categories, with DOI links, credits, and dates. A new Buy MONSID page provided detail on options for purchasing the software products, using imagery highlighting MONSID flexibility.

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