Okean.Solutions homepage
Okean.Solutions website homepage

Okean.Solutions creates system health monitoring and control architectures and custom software for complex systems, and provides physics-based modeling and simulation. Since their founding in 2010, they have worked with companies and government agencies in the aerospace and defense sectors.

Like their MONSID™ product site, O3 designed and created the new website using the Svelte UI framework with Tailwind, an open-source CSS framework, with DevOps for project management and git for version control. O3 provided project management, SEO consulting, content development and marketing as part of a TABA (Technical And Business Assistance) for a Phase I and a Phase II SBIR project.

A New Website for the Okean Solutions Company

In 2023, anticipating the development of additional products, Okean Solutions decided to create separate websites for MONSID and for the company. A reorganized and redesigned MONSID.com product-focused website and the Okean.Solutions company-specific website were launched in February, 2024.
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Work Common to Both Sites

Unique colors, logos and content allow immediate visual differentiation between the sites, although they share similar layouts, styling, naming conventions, file structure, and infrastructure to simplify maintenance and additions and ensure consistency. This includes standard contact information and document locations for the MONSID Technical Briefing, the MONSID Brochure, and the Okean Solutions’ Capability Statement. Both were optimized for mobile and tablet size devices, and search engine optimization (SEO) was done on all pages.

Okean.Solutions homepage mobile layout
Okean.Solutions homepage mobile layout

We extended components to add functionality, consistency, and to allow future updates to be done more quickly and efficiently, and we used cross-site constants to facilitate extensive linking between websites and to ensure correct links, reduce confusion, simplify site maintenance and promotion to live, and ease future maintenance.

The Okean Solutions’ YouTube channel was created, and the final AFRL project video was posted and embedded. The Okean Solutions LinkedIn company page was extended and maintained with articles and posts.

Okean.Solutions New Website

The new website took on the existing Solutions’ logo and MONSID colors. The top of the homepage features the Athena Rover with a text overlay expressing MONSID’s use with it. A call to action and company overview are followed by six image/content areas, each highlighting a service. The new Services page contains six primary service areas with benefits, the MONSID logo linking to the MONSID.com website, and client logos. The Projects section, similar to MONSID’s, includes an overview with links to Solutions’ Capability Statement and to MONSID.com Projects. The News section was moved from the MONSID site with two new MONSID software release articles, including infographics specific to each release. The About page was moved from MONSID.com, with a new About Okean Solutions section, and links to the Capability Statement, Projects, Services, and MONSID.com. Partners content was refreshed, and logos add color.

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